About Us

Mi Casa e Su Casa!

Delmys came over from El Salvador twenty five years ago with nothing but hope in her wallet.

As a single mother, Delmys wanted to provide a wonderful new life for her small family, and thought Canada would be the perfect place. El Salvador was in turmoil with lots of fighting and life was very frightening.

Once here, Delmys began learning to speak English. In order to earn money for her family she began cleaning offices and houses. She also started her own little business with a hot dog stand, and so after full days of cleaning, she sold hot dogs outside the nightclubs in Kamloops until the early hours of the morning. With very hard work, she was able to buy additional hot dog stands and began to employ staff.

The hot dog stands became very popular and so Delmys thought the next step would be to open a restaurant. The restaurant was called Casa Blanca and situated in the heart of the town. However, after opening the restaurant, Delmys found it very hard to look after her young family and run the business and so with regret, was forced to sell the restaurant and began working in the furniture industry.

Five years after working in the retail furniture business, Delmys decided there was an opening in the market for high quality, Canadian-made, solid wood, customisable furniture and because her family were now a little older, she felt she would be able to focus on starting a new business which would enable her to use her incredible talent for design and her desire for high standards of quality.

In 2005 she opened Casa Décor on 376 Victoria Street and enjoyed being able to help the discerning people find beautiful top quality furniture for their homes. However, in 2008 she suffered a tragic incident.

Casa Décor was the subject of a huge fire. Delmys nearly lost everything including her spirit. However, in true Delmys style, she re-opened her store further down at 960 Victoria Street, and has found it to be an ideal location because of the size of the showroom - which enables her to display more pieces of her beautiful furniture collections.

Providing top quality in furniture, fabrics and customer service, Delmys has been extremely successful. Her business is still growing strong, and she is looking forward to the future, keeping an eye on the latest in furniture trends and she is confident in maintaining her reputation of selling nothing but the best.

Casa Décor offers a level of service which she feels is unique. As a small, family owned business, the store is able to give friendly, top quality service to go along with her top quality furniture. Every attention to detail, each customer is treated as a friend, and her after-sales service is second to none. Along with talented and very knowledgeable designers and staff, Casa Décor makes choosing and buying furniture a very pleasurable experience, instead of a stressful one.

If you want quality furniture and fabrics - come and visit Casa Décor - happiness is guaranteed!