Mattresses - a focus on health

Casa Décor are dealers for Magniflex┬«

Magniflex® has grown to become the largest mattress manufacturer in Italy, with production capabilities of 10,000 mattress per day. Using its proprietary vacuum packing technology, the Company serves a diverse range of customers worldwide. By designing the most advanced mattresses with unique fabrics and patented materials, Magniflex is able to meet its goal of maximizing a consumers well being and offering the highest quality of rest.

Magniflex® has done extensive work in body mapping and designing mattresses that reduce the stress and pressure points. In developing Memoform®, Magniflex® chemists improved on the formulation of regular visco-elastic (memory) foam and created a product that offers superior orthopedic and anatomic support. Magniflex®'s trademarked Airyform design allows air to circulate freely throughout the core of the mattress through a series of engineered perforations or “vents”. With the arrangement of the vents into three distinct zones, with more vents given to support the upper torso and legs, and fewer under the pelvic area, the spine is brought in alignment and pressure points are relieved.

All mattresses and pillows are made with natural fibers, ensuring high quality performance. Natural materials enhance comfort and have excellent durability.

Key elements:

  • Correct orthopedic position of the vertebral column.
  • Full relaxation of the body and nervous system.
  • High breathability and air circulation
  • Prevention against dust mites, bacteria, and toxic substances.

Beyond Comfort

Magniflex uses only the finest materials, tested and certified by leading European testing laboratories, in cooperation with LGA and Dupont. Components are tested for flammability and certified according to national standards. In addition, all products are tested and certified by Oko-Test, which guarantees the absence of allergens and substances that may be harmful to one's health, and TUV, which certifies the quality of materials used. Furthermore, all fabrics are sanitized to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, dust mites, and mould.

Caring for environment

Magniflex strongly believes that environmental safety, both for its employees and customers, and safeguarding the earth's natural resources is an integral part in the manufacturing process. In the selection of materials that have undergone the strictest quality tests in terms of environment and performance, Magniflex plays its part in protecting the planet.

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